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‘To My Last Breath’ – the Valentine’s Day 2016 EP

So here it is…bet you didn’t see this one coming! Underground, South London rapper who spits about political unrest and rage against the establishment drops a sugary little EP about love and commitment. Well, it’s happening, so deal with it! ‘To My Last Breath’ may, to some, seem like an attempt to cash in on the Valentine’s Day hype, but really it’s more about using Valentine’s as an opportunity to get out some unreleased songs that have been floating around for a few years now. The Will-Powerz persona is an all-round human being, and all-round people feel love and compassion more than they feel discontent and anger. Every one of these songs has meant a great deal to myself, and to someone else, at a certain point in our lives. It is my hope that they can mean something to some of those who decide to listen to them too.

The idea of seeking to cash in on special days throughout the calendar is not an unfamiliar concept to artists of all kinds. Many YouTubers, singers, filmmakers, TV impresarios, theatrical types and even artists try to make use of Christmas spirit, or Easter tidings, Halloween hype, April Fools shenanigans; you name it, the world tries to cash in on it. I feel the pull, as an undiscovered artist, of doing this – it is important to do whatever one can to get noticed. But I am determined to never undermine my own integrity in doing so. I do not preach that love and relationships are what a person ‘should’ be pursuing, or that people who are single on Valentine’s Day should feel inadequate in any way; in reality, I am single myself this February! But I have written songs about being in love when that feeling has been present, and what better time of year to put those songs out there than Valentine’s Day? Of course, I’m hoping they might get noticed in this context, but these songs were about very real feelings and emotions when they were conceived; they are not superficial creations whipped together for the sake of putting out a Valentine’s Day release!Will-Powerz

This is, for me, where the line of integrity is drawn. If an underground rapper doesn’t want to undermine his tough guy image by writing a love song, then fair play to him. But if he does release a love song with genuine heart and creativity to it, it should be taken on merit and judged as an extra dimension to his persona; not a ‘sellout’ piece. A person sells out when they cobble together some meaningless piece of trash for the sake of releasing it on a special occasion. It undermines their integrity if it lacks substance and is without any form of genuine heart or soul. I promise that every word in this EP, when it was written, came from the bottom of my heart, and I am proud to release it at a time of year when many people are thinking about precisely this sort of thing. I hope you all enjoy it!

The album is available for free (name your price) on my Bandcamp page (or click the player at the top of this post). Just click ‘Buy Now’, enter your desired price (£0 is fine) and get your download link!

All that being said, the romance and love are not emotions that are at the front of my mind at this moment in life. I am glad to have released these songs, but now my focus will shift to working with new talent that is arriving at LR, and on putting together a new Hip-Hop album for later in the year that will hopefully stand to represent more of my true heart and mind as I prpceed with life! Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog/newsletter, and by connecting with my social links, which are as follows:

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