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Krazed Podcast #2 featuring Snypa D Delic

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Some readers may be aware that I, Will-Powerz, am not alone in the murky world of independent music. In fact, I am a proud founding member of South London-based record label Latent’s Records and a regular contributor to its sibling blog Krazed Mag. We at the Krazed team have just launched our second monthly podcast for your listening pleasure, which contains a spectrum of conversation ranging from the intriguingly intellectual to the profoundly nonsensical! I join the four members of Latent’s Records band The Way It Ends to discuss Eurovision 2014, UK battle rap and the Don’t Flop 2014 April Fools event, new films, Star Wars, a shared hatred of Will.I Am and Diddy, and much more. We also feature an eye-opening interview with Milton Keynes rapper Snypa D Delic, discussing his EP No More Mr Nice Snipes along with a bit of background to his musicianship and things to look out for in the coming months. Come and join our motley crew of wannabe-intellectuals, caffeine addicts, government haters and walking punchlines as we laugh, groan and cheer our way through the murky world of ‘entertainment culture’. The Krazed Podcast is here…and you thought transgender popstars, anti-Semitic battle rap, science fiction and Fantastick weren’t related! Pshhhh…

Addendum: the Krazed Podcast has been accepted into the iTunes podcast store – just search Krazed Podcast in the iTunes store and it’s yours for free. Don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out on future podcasts!

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