Will-Powerz makes music as producer, recording artist and songwriter. Right here is the ONLY place where you can find all the music he has worked on in one place. So go ahead and browse the wares, there’s plenty of FREE stuff as well as the stuff¬†that asks for a little donation, so don’t be shy. All releases are courtesy of Latent’s Records unless otherwise stated.

To My Last Breath

An EP of powerful love songs released as a surprised special on Valentine's Day 2016. Something a little different from Will-Powerz for listeners to sink theur teeth into.

Bullet Tooth Snipes

The masterpiece of UK Grime and Hip-Hop from seasoned rapper Snypa D Delic, this album features lots of production, vocals and mixing/mastering from Will-Powerz.

Laying The Gauntlet

The latest Will-Powerz solo Hip-Hop album, released December 26, 2014. An homage to real Hip-Hop, and a powerful reminder that it isn't dead despite the countless recent attempts to kill it off!

The Noble Truth by Will-Powerz

Purchase this soulful Will-Powerz EP from iTunes. All songs produced and performed by Will-Powerz, with a feature from Latent's Records artist Gareth Paul and support with the mixing from Latent himself.

Volition by Will-Powerz

The FREE debut mixtape from Will-Powerz, available to download from Bandcamp. Follow the link, click Buy Now, enter £0 as your price then type your Email address for the download link. Simple :)

This Is Me

The debut EP from young RnB singer Ayesha Izzie features some solid production and vocals from Will-Powerz.

No More Mr Nice Snipes by Snypa D Delic

Lots of Will-Powerz production and a couple of vocal features too. FREE

Ladies and Gentlemen...Gareth Paul

The debut EP from young singer-songwriter Gareth Paul features Will-Powerz heavily as vocalist, composer and producer.

'Hope' by Lovutta

Young RnB starlet-in-the-making Lovutta featured vocals from Will-Powerz on the song 'Special Girl', and he also worked on mixing & mastering the album.

Hyper Missing by Whale

Will-Powerz beat with Nigerian singer Whale on vocals. FREE

Volition: The Instrumentals

For fans of instrumental music.

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