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Bullet Tooth Snipes: Music for the Revolution!

Will-Powerz's first project of 2015: the new Snypa D Delic album 'Bullet Tooth Snipes'

Will-Powerz’s first project of 2015: the new Snypa D Delic album ‘Bullet Tooth Snipes’


After a very productive first year of existence, myself and my fellow Latent’s Records managers Tim and Ali needed a small lull in the releasing of material for every facet of the record label. Between the three of us, we have built a significant online presence for LR and its affiliated webzine Krazed Mag. In 2014, we have:

  • Developed, and created ongoing content for, the official Latent’s Records website and Krazed Mag
  • Laid the foundations for a creative community for independent artists of all types in Krazed Mag
  • Expanded the Krazed experience with regular podcasts and newsletter updates
  • Created a footprint on social media with our Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, as well as the recently launched Instagram account
  • Expanded our roster to 12 acts/artists in styles ranging from underground Hip-Hop, to Grime, to Acoustic, RnB and Pop, to Psychadelic Rock and even Thrash Metal!
  • Released 14 studio albums/EPs
  • Begun sharing music with listeners through services such as YouTube and Sound Cloud
  • Established a rich corner of Bandcamp, from which consumers can purchase, or download for free, every musical release
  • Distributed albums through iTunes, Spotify and other commercial music services
  • Had two of our acts appear on online radio shows, with their music getting regular airplay
  • Had acts perform live shows around London

I personally released 3¬†of my own projects, almost entirely self-produced and written, constituting a total of 33 songs. In addition to this, I was producer on 9 songs from the debut releases of Gareth Paul, Snypa D Delic and external artist Whale from Nigeria. I provided vocal features for Lovutta, Snypa D Delic and Gareth Paul, and was involved in the mixing of almost every one of the releases for the year! Whilst simultaneously writing blog content for Krazed Mag, building my own website, attending events, handling promotion matters, designing album covers, implementing all the album releases…basically, I was very busy!

But the lull is now over, as our first release of 2015 is about to land!

SnypaGFLRBullet Tooth Snipes is set for release on April 10th, 2015, and will be the second release under Latent’s Records for rapper Snypa D Delic. It will be a potent mixture of Grime and hard-hitting, underground UK Hip-Hop. With No More Mr Nice Snipes having been a debut release that was a great introduction to what Snypa can do, both he and I agreed that for this second release, we would aim for some concept that would add a deeper dimension to the project. As he selected instrumentals that I had prepared, including some from my own albums Volition and The Noble Truth, the direction his writing took him almost spawned the concept automatically. This album would become a musical expression of discontent with the state of the United Kingdom; aggressive, revolutionary and just downright pissed off! This tone carries through the album, always retaining a sense of purpose and genuine cause to be angry – we were conscious at every stage of the potential for this tone to descend into mindless aggression.

The challenge, on my part, was to produce the album in a way that differentiated it from the Hip-Hop sound I had crafted for myself. Snypa needs a musical sound that is more fitting with his identity as a former Drum & Bass MC turned Grime, and eventually Hip-Hop, artist. This challenge was particularly present when mixing the songs he had written to the instrumentals I had already used myself (incidentally, these instrumentals were for the songs Built For This, A Simple Life and Watching Me). As the album developed, delayed at times by a number of factors relating to personal issues from all camps involved, the sound began to develop into a melting pot of urban styles, incorporating a number of features from myself and fellow LR singer Gareth Paul, as well as members of Snypa‘s Milton Keynes Grime/DnB collective Gasmask Formation.

The end result will be available for your perusal from April 10th, 2015, and I think listeners are in store for something a little bit special. In a climate of a UK that is preparing itself for a very close-fought general election in May 2015, the message of Bullet Tooth Snipes couldn’t be more relevant. As a voice for the ordinary people, this project carries a lot of weight, and as a fresh interpretation of UK Hip-Hop and Grime, it is progressive and meaningful at every step.

Grab your copy when Bullet Tooth Snipes drops on April 10th, 2015 – join the revolution!


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