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Looking for beats that you can legally use for your music, video or gaming project? Will-Powerz beats are offered at affordable prices, with very generous licences to use in your own work. Please feel free to browse the beats store below, and if you find something you like it’s yours in just a few clicks with a very safe, secure payment method through PayPal. Don’t be intimidated by the licencing agreements – the conditions are very generous for you to make your songs, we only ask that you credit Will-Powerz as producer on your releases!


If the non-exclusive licenses on offer in the beatstore above don’t work for you, maybe you’d prefer a royalty-free license from the Will-Powerz Production Trax store? This store also features collaborative productions by Will-Powerz and Latent, as well as some Will-Powerz instrumentals that aren’t available on the beat leasing store! There’s also tons more royalty-free material at the¬†Production Trax¬†marketplace – check it out!


For more established artists looking for bespoke, exclusive beats/instrumentals or compositions get in touch with Will-Powerz and a fee can be negotiated. The fee will be based on your budget and our perception of your status in terms of fan-base and earnings potential. Don’t worry, Will-Powerz is fair and pretty laid back. There will be no extortionate fees and you might even be able to convince him to collaborate for FREE! You can use this form to get an approximate estimate of what your exclusive beat price will be (the actual fee will be negotiable):

Contact Will-Powerz with the details requested, or a tempting proposal for a collab, at willpowerzbeats [at]